Ear murder – Versatile lyrics

Lyrics Ear murder – Versatile

Ear murder lyrics
You’ve made us famous now deal with it little pricks
Get down with some smooth mouthing and suck on my little stick
We never asked for this life, all I wanted was fish and tits
Now I’m balls deep in the industry bra’s cause I’m full of it

I don’t want no clean b***h (whoop), no hygiene b***h, disco means she’s in because I like my young ones filthy
You can call me Clank, yes so
You can call me Clank
Cause I’m ratchet and I’m well sort after by the addicts, look

Eskimo and Casper
Whats up good-luck paraftas’
Since 14 flipping raspas’
Soon with this s**t we capta’
Scum bags spread like cancer
Eskimos tattoo’s plasta’
Across the nation fasta’
Then you so rocasta’

Spread you legs
Come out and suck my d**k
Ear Murder
It’s Ear Murder
In your ear
You’re a nacker
You’re a scum bag
No wait that’s me
I’m a scum bag
Talking shite on a track once again
I’m talking shite
Ear Murder, Ear Murder, In your Ear
Recking your fuckin’ head, reck the buzz, reck the buzz
Twist your nipple, suck ya tits
Twist your nipple, suck ya tits
Bounce on me d**k
Suck me arse, Suck me arse

Disco rag, I pull the gal and lips go wild
I’m fuckin’ rag on tesco mobile we just go f**k those bitches cos’ he likes a challange
Alexander Wang chalice custom made for my Palace
Out-burt-Pal has half the country off their ??

My d**k is like a sledgehammer
My D**k is like a sledgehammer
My D**k is like a sledgehammer
My D**k is like a sledgehammer
H-h-h-he’s all wack toni’
He’s gonna get wank all, a slap tonight
He’s gonna get a good bag for half the night
Get stomped off bro with crack toni’
I-i-i-i Don’t want to talk about it
Come to the house and talk us out of it
Grab your money with none left
And squeeze your sack til I’m popin’ out of it

Out to crash this car
Like my name is Henri Paul with the Princess in the back
I’m about to kill us all, driving high speed
On prescription drugs and alcohol
Two-twenty two miles an hour heading straight towards a wall
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Ear murder - Versatile
Ear murder - Versatile