Events cancelled due Coronavirus 2020

Events cancelled due Coronavirus

Events cancelled due Coronavirus
It seems that this Coronavirus disease is going to take a global
turning since everybody is depending on China’s products and
they are a handfull and they like to visit and take pictures of
everything. According to World Health Organization since the end
of 2019 ’til now the Coronavirus caused more than 2700 deaths
and more than 100000 people contracted the virus which is over
the pandemic threshold. Since is spreading like any other virus
it’s not safe to large number of people to stay close each other
like in concerts and different events. Due to this many concerts
have been cancelled. Below you have the cancelled events in March:
-Set it off canceled events in Asia
-Wolf parade also cancelled EU and UK tour dates due to Coronavirus
-Lacuna Coil cancel Asia and Australia tour
-The National canceled Tokyo shows from 17-18 March
-Maluma postponed his concert in Milano since there is the biggest number of Coronavirus infections
-Mariah Carey postponed Honolulu date until November
-Yungblud calls off a tour in SOuth Korea
-Ultra Music Festival from Miami also called off
-Louis Tomlinson also canceled his show from Milano
-Ciara postpones a performance at the USO Fort Hood from March 19
-Madonna’s Madame Tour X also has been stopped due to restrictions in France

Events cancelled due Coronavirus
Events cancelled due Coronavirus