Exotic – Money Man lyrics

Lyrics Exotic – Money Man

Exotic lyrics
Exoootic exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic exoootic


I be at home alone
I be seein all suspicious my dead homies
All these blue hundreds all these 20’s
N***a got dead homies
I was dead wrong when I hit my plug
But the n***a went broke
So I took a n***a bud
They don’t wanna help you out
They don’t wanna see you grow up
Always selling out of gas
I can never sell enough
I be lustin’ for your body
We can never f**k enough
Lost a couple potnas to the federal employees
Baby I’m a boss how the f**k can you employee me
I ain’t had no money that condition it was temporary
Hit her from the back
I ain’t tryna do no missionary
I can see the M’s
So I’m feeling like a visionary
All these big words
Damn they think I read the dictionary
Damn her body too crazy
New coupe 280
Lil Gotit Hood Baby
Christian Loubs on my feet
Yeah them multicolor new joints
When you in the trap boy you better be on point
If you come with a group I’m killin’ y’all homeboy
Nothin’ but foreigns be in my envoy
Undisputed champ
Niggas lie on Ptroy
Bought my b***h a G Wagon
She so appreciative
Told my lazy potna gone get you some initiative
Nosy a*s b***h why the f**k you so inquisitive
I just talk to Ralo on the phone
Ima visit him
Don’t pull up to the trap unannounced
No visitors
I don’t know where your lips been girl I’m kissin’ ya
Ima unzip these Amiri’s I’m just diggin’ ya
She don’t need a shovel
I can tell that she digging me
Sold her 20 bags and the driver say she bless me
Told my ‘ol lady shut the hell up don’t stress me
Open up the Lambo door for chivalry
Lil n***a they don’t want smoke like hickory
Roof disappear on the coupe it’s a mystery
She ain’t got a stomach no more the doctor handled that
Ima put ‘em up myself Ima handle that
85 racks in the Louis V fanny pack
Chillin’ in the trap with the pounds playing piddy pat

Exoootic exoootic exoootic
My clientele purchase exoootic
I blow exquisite exoootic
Exoootic exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic exoootic
Exoootic exoootic exoootic

Whole load of Runtz straight from the manufacturer
Ima crack the b***h back just like a chiropractor
I just bought 5 acres versuri-lyrics.info
I just purchased me a tractor
Whole lot of bad h**s find me attractive
I just went trapping round the world wide atlas
I don’t wanna be famous n***a
Might quit rapping
Punch in the mouth lil n***a quit yapping
Everything designer I ain’t talkin’ bout graphics
Stuff a n***a exoootic in a dark brown package
Ima have a bad b***h receive it and grab it
Lone wolf n***a I don’t trust these maggots
Go and get some money be a man quit slackin’
Jumped off the porch then had to make it happen
Just like a turtle yeah n***a be snappin’
Read these niggas I feel telepathiccc

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