Family meeting – T-ben tha phoenix lyrics

Lyrics Family meeting – T-ben tha phoenix

Family meeting lyrics
Put urself in this battle-ship when the season stops
Ur listening to 5 prophets when ur reason cuts
Light in the dark I can illuminate ur kitchen pot
Close to ur chick am sick so man na chicken pox
Danger! better run away before the deacon talks
I see u trying to come back and combat
But make sure ur Jah is in Ong-Bak or contact ma ranger
When u hear ma name know say this is worse
‘‘Don’t cry!’’ that is to u vipers
Who couldn’t get a try because u loose cyphers
U claim to be fly abi na Moon Tiger
U still say you’re fly I am the moon sniper
Spilling red with ma blue pen and I blackout who can?
Ur block isn’t wack as u can’t
We kick ‘em with afat-fat-do-ken
‘‘Bwai na weti sef?’’,jooee ‘‘this is us’’

U say u know how to rap! grab a microphone and show us how to rap(3X)
Grab a microphone and show us how to rap(2X)

It’s a vivid picture if ur trynna paint
Take a look at Mona Lisa and then u try explain it
I bet u’ve seen the colours don’t they look amazing
Z-Tower of course u had to ask ma name is
Am D.O.U.B.L.E. Z-Tower
He must be SDF to have the skill and power
Or probably mix the green up with a little powder
In every seconds,minutes,hours know the game is ours
Rappers think they’re rapping when the talking loud
Can’t pay attention to them ma head is in the cloud
The B.E.S.T. R.A. double P.E.R
To look at me pretend u’ve ever seen a star
On B.E.T. to ever do it like the who we are
Am realest ask Tha Phoenix who did make the chorus
In any case u brothers acting like u know us
Or trynna show off,if something then it’s time to blow up
Put an end to the bullshit am out here
Am standing up at the pool pit u down there
Ma flow is flawless plus it’s kind of everywhere
If everbody’s honest the devil probably swear
Am a god,a beast,am a G.O.A.T
U better call the priest to call a pope
Z-Tower forever is not for life
And everybody asking ask my wife,killing

They say u know how to rap huh grab a microphone and show us to rap(2X)
How hard u are,how hard u are,grab a microphone and show us how to rap(2X)

Vietnam,T-Ben Phoenix,Manboy,black boy
Luckot njanga die dey for ya before
U di mimba gangster u di mimba archaique
We don traverser that paramètres dem before u
Take gun,take niamla,take deux cent deux na for dey u go confirmer say all thing di start
Mami gimme idea say ngata no moh
Go school learn ya own work u go yah-moh
Manboy di cam,bad spirit di go
Mumu di lap ndiba di kill him
Perika luckot no ndem
I nodi pamla but ngueme di boomla mi,yess ohh
Vietnam-Manboy,yes-yes-yess ohh

U fit show mi rapper njanga josh nor!
Cam show mi how to rapper for mic’ for here dey nodi blaguer,Eleveur Dernier Poteauuu

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