So far – SonReal lyrics

Lyrics Sonreal – So far

So long, baby, to the old me
You gon’ get to know the new name
Sh*t was all good a week ago
But now things been gettin’ so strange
Cause I’m so far, so far from the one you used to call me
I’m so far, so far from the man I used to try and be.

When all these dreams they made up
No more and make up some more
Used to make up s**t
Then I threw that makeup all on the floor
And smeared all over everything
That I thought that you loved me for
I was searching for some help
Then I fell in love with myself, blahhh
Yeezy shoulda signed him, Khaled shoulda signed him
Way I murder s**t, you think that Jeffrey Dahmer woulda signed him
Came up in the sticks, had the city on my mind
Dedicate this one to Nas, my version of my book of rhymes
Mama raised a pro prolific kid with a flow though
Black a la K-Ci, JoJo, anytime that I go go
For it like Forrest Gump, I’m forest like 401
And since I’m claling the shots, they call me son of a gunnn.
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