Federal pressure – Kevin Gates ft. Moneybagg Yo lyrics

Lyrics Federal pressure – Kevin Gates

Federal pressure lyrics
See a lotta of these niggas be actin’ like they
Real steppers outchea but you not that fourth quarter pressure
Ya heard me?

[Chorus: Kevin Gates & Moneybagg Yo]
Big bag, couldn’t have said it no better
He pressure or he federal pressure?
If it’s up then it’s really whatever
I’m yeah, ain’t no regular metal
Too much ice they keep sayin’ be careful
Watch out, we ain’t gotta be careful
Let it go or let me know if it’s pressure
Load in, tryna order up extra

I’d put your hood on CNN
But lets keep it outta the media
I’m catchin’ the s**t that you niggas did
But I don’t really be readin’ it
I-I got your lil’ b***h on the camera
But lets keep it outta the media
All of my jewelry be dancin’
Hard to be movin’ strategically

Yeah, .. that s**t
I’ma put it in their face every chance I get
Pressure busts pipes, what you think it’ll do to a niggas body?

From the slums, I’m located in Cali
Me and Gates smokin’ fat Calabasas
Incognito some I’m Gucci ski maskin’
My b***h fancy Kendall Kardashian
I’m like 6’3, in a Mclaren it feel like I’m caved in (Cave me)
.. it, got foreigns to play in
We the ones brought the ice out the house
Y’all should’ve stayed in (.. it)
I done took off in like 22 seconds, I move rapid (I’m gonna go ..)
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Federal pressure - Kevin Gates
Federal pressure - Kevin Gates