Fire in the booth – M Huncho lyrics

Lyrics Fire in the booth – M Huncho

Fire in the booth lyrics
Criticism, it doesn’t get to me
I’m a machine, I can’t give them all of my energy
Cos my gears are grining, this is perferct timing
This ties end your line in
Huncho, yeah
Searching for gold yeah, my mining
Yeah, I feel the energy, can’t be me, your under-minding
Money on his head, don’t let it go, I’m indecisive
Sometimes I feel the energy that makes me feel .., ahh
Look for my soul, yeah, I’m still finding
Got dope, got legs, I’m a cyclist
I was getting them with any package
Got a b***h but no time, guess I’m in a time crisis
Walk in with a John, call me Wyclef
Nah, she ain’t a sideting, can’t be getting side tracked
I put on alot of mileage, I like travelling in silence
Keep my business very private, mind your business, just be silent
Brudda they’re a problem, talk it out before the violence
F**k her face, feel her lip, shes my Kyle
So found a Richy, that’s my s**t, that’s my styly
Feds on me, leave the car, do the dasheen

People always try level it, but their mind isn’t levelled, I’m settled in
Everyone askin’ for favours, they gave me no favours, my mum was on benefits
My darg is like Scooby Doo and he’ll scap all you kids that are meddeling
I can tell you some stories, but people, but some of them details are entedre
My guy’s mother ain’t really his mother, his mum had to bring in a .. again
Booth is on fire, just cool it down
I’m zero, so Charlie press finish him
I do not .. past, nah ahh. she stopped being celebi
I had to re-up and re-up and re-up and bag up and make money, selling bits

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