Fire – Mike Diamondz (lyrics)

Lyrics Mike Diamondz – Fire

Hey yo somebody call mr dj
All dem fat fat poonanny dema waiting pan di dance floor
Sound boy crank up di mica
Mi afi pan de floor to burn this di celebration
Ruffest tuffest outta Bucharest

Physically yes make up di party
Is the way she put it down with here baty
Baby girl you get me hard with ya naughty
Let me take it down you fat fat poonany
Light it up like I lightup di Ireah
Back it up like I fight up an army
Take it slow when ya come for the cooky
Baby girl hit me hard on my woody

Fire, fire, fire, fire, wine dem bottom
So me kill dema boom
Pan my cock so me come

Bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet
Shot from gun, so me kill dema boom

I know you
The only one in this world
Not just physically girl tonight I’m high on you

I know you are
The only one in this club
We be making love till the morning on this floor

A guan! We take it back to dance floor yeah,
I and I girl feeling crazy, feeling one unde the sun love is all around..
Mike Diamondz