First love – Lil Kay lyrics

Lyrics First love – Lil Kay

First love lyrics
I want a good life for my mom
I want a good life for my dad
All my ideas are wondering
That’s why I’m feeling so sad
My brain is white like a cloud
My thoughts are high like a bird
I need to go find myself befor I find him and her
Oskrt is part of my life amber will turn to my wife
I will never change my heart
Even if we ever fight
Shout out to Jenifer aye I’m really missing her love
Shout out to Jenifer too she had become my first love
I love my grandmama too and All of the ones up above her
Me and Kevin always argue but I love him he my brotha
Don’t forget about bakery I think that dudes really cool
I want us all to be positive never let us act a fool .. I was feeling really down I was feeling really scared when you came in to my I was greatful you were there just know the day that I die no longer be in your life butbut I will be in your mind
Helping you pray through the night

My life’s been going to fast
I think I’m going to pass
I just forget bout the past
I’ll never put you all last
Jenny my love cheer me on
Even the days that I’m gone
Atleast it wasn’t the hate
It was just misunderstanding
Ima just pray for you yuh
Even if I’m never standing
Young in our name it’s forever
Even if we’re not together
I don’t want to think about
But this s**t can not last forever
If I perish like my idols
Just let them know Im not scared
Life is a loving & affair
Some times it just not fair
I’m not saying ima die
But it might come by surprise
If I come face my demise
I hope you know I’m alright
I want this love never fight