Flash out – JaydaYoungan lyrics

Lyrics Flash out – JaydaYoungan

Flash out lyrics
Spazz out they gonna make a n***a flash out
P***y s**t that’s gonna make a n***a flash out
Bad talk I bet nobody I can cash out
Pull up niggas slash out
Pack a gun just in case they try to act out
They try to run‚ shots broken out your a*s now
Talkin’ s**t so p***y beat you on your a*s now
We get to clappin’ dont get caught lackin’ with your pants down
F**k you actin’‚ ..
Hop in a Savage catch you in traffic you get ran down
My shooters happy we tryna practice with your hands down
We got the walk down we got the dropper on your a*s now

B***h you gone try who? Your stupid dumbass gone die soon
We finna slide thru stepping on who want the value
They won’t know know who shot you bitches gone know
Somebody popped you
‘Cause you gone drop who I got some bitches thats gone stop you
I don’t f**k around with these b***h a*s niggas man
We got Dracos AR’s Glocks we got everything that’ll make your rip your heart to stop

I’m tryna put him on the news and make him shut up
.. with a scope .. tell him catch up
Leave your back off they gone leave him on a stretcher
Blow his back out and now i’ma have to get him checked up
Know we slang iron and no I ain’t lying
You trippin’ Thats right
Two times I pulled up and gang banged gun fire
Gun fire I put everything in my punchlines
Say wrong know i’ma only say this s**t one timeee

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