FML – Wasted Penguinz lyrics

Lyrics FML – Wasted Penguinz

FML lyrics
Sometimes it feels like I have reached my mental breaking point
I’m on the verge of crying how am I supposed to cope
I’m still searching for that missing part to fill the void
but I don’t know if that is even within my control
people keep telling me how proud they are of my success
While I’m just standing there sure it’s cool I’m still depressed
I just feel pain, going insane feels like I’m barely here.
Want to go back and find myself to feel alive again.

I don’t sleep anymore, don’t even eat anymore. Don’t wanna breathe anymore.
Laying awake, another sleepless night. My mind is racing won’t shut up, just saying f**k my life.

Dreaming in a world that I can’t see, maybe in another life I will find an inner peace a place where I am free.

I wanna scream out loud nothing’s what it used to be there’s a war inside my mind but I’m not the enemy.

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