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Lyrics Foofy freestyle – Young Buck

Foofy freestyle lyrics
I can’t believe this s**t
How dare you niggas?
Ha okay
Traps N Trunks we got this mixtape s**t on lock!

I am pleadin’ the fifth saran-wrapped you’re receivin’ my gift
So many niggas I’m passin’ and they needin’ a lift
This is fatal attraction baby know who you with
I can’t depend on the if I got my hands on it now
Bodies under my belt I gotta stand on it now
This not our first fallin’ out know how to handle it now
Banks gone ain’t nobody there to settle it now
Them other niggas need verses from whoever around
C’mon Foofy this Instagram s**t done got goofy
Let’s focus on that two million dollars that n***a robbed you
Let’s talk about them bitches you burnt them h**s chargin’
You know what I learned was how not to be a father
Apologizin’ to my sons and my daughters
Lord forgive me for the pain that I caused us
Lord was with it when he came and he called us
And I’m in this grocery store grippin’ on this revolver
Yeah you know I make ’em have to solve ’em
Ugh I make you niggas have to call them
Catch a body beat a body keep your mouth closed
Make it to the outro then we applaud ya
John Wick with the stick I’m with the bullshit
I guess I know too many devils on the pulpit
Guess it’s the level where some niggas I was cool with
Turned into some niggas I don’t even fool with
The underdogs and have nots I’m in tune with
The big dogs and got-it-alls I move with
Set rules with and load up mules with
Same niggas that I win with I lose with
Same n***a at the Beverly Center
When me and Floss had to pull up remember?
My niggas pressed ya
Floyd had your a*s paranoid I had to bless ya
N***a you been askin’ for it it’s my pleasure
To introduce the world to this gangster s**t
I wrote Too Rich for you and this the thanks I get?
You taught that young boy to snitch n***a you think you slick
Gas him up on the ‘gram just to make you lit
Get you out of this jam you gon’ need more than a skit
More than a fuckin’ post n***a you know I won’t quit
You know I’m a fuckin’ ghost (Ghost ghost ghost)

Never ran from nothin’ in my muhfuckin’ life homie
Ha fear no man or God
And that’s only ’cause I ain’t met him yet
Niggas gotta deal with me buckshot!
You know I’m available for whatever type energy you on homie
Haha real life real street niggas
We do still exist out hereee

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