Freeddawg – Nba Youngboy lyrics

Lyrics Freeddawg – Nba Youngboy

Freeddawg lyrics
Ay, free Choppa Boy
Ay, free Choppa Boy, b***h
DJ Swift on the track
RIP Big Dump
Mook got the keys jumpin’
I got .45 Glocks and a knife in this b***h
I got cutters in the house, I got pounds in this b***h
I got h**s runnin’ in and out, slime in this b***h

I go by YoungBoy and I zip you up from talkin’ s**t
These n***a bitches and I know they ain’t ’bout that s**t
Can’t come how I’m comin’, I was a youngin’ when they tried that s**t
I been knockin’ niggas off, they never knew it was gon’ come to this
B***h, I been on some rider s**t, I leave ’em dead
Got the whole city mad, I zip that boy ’bout what he said
You can stunt like you mad, I put a bag on top yo’ head
I was up in the .. with .. under my bead
‘Cause, b***h, I’m tryna flex some
Do some with all y’all, soon as we get on her, walk my youngin’, punch his head off
Lil’ b***h, I’m off the north side
I’m bustin’, I won’t stand down
I put the b***h up in a casket, f**k up yo’ headstone
Them niggas used to run the city, won’t even claim that b***h
Don’t say nothin’, ’cause the s**t ain’t serious, don’t make me taint that s**t
These youngings runnin’ with me with it, they on some dangerous s**t
Bustin’, put two in yo’ fit it, I call that gang assist
Rollin’, I just popped one, tryna body bag and zip some, yeah
Pants hangin’ off my a*s, Glock on my side with a green flag
Talkin’ reckless, caught ’em slippin’, went to bustin’, did ’em bad
Soon as we swerve, we .., don’t do no talkin’, that’s yo’ a*s
I ain’t got no chill, I’m tryna send a b***h to Winfield
Had to show the p***y b***h I been that and, b***h, I’m still is
B***h, I pull up, make a n***a get back, like, “What the deal is?”
All these p***y bitches choosin’ sides like they don’t know real

Do what you do, I put you on the news, b***h, we could fight or shoot
B***h, I know these niggas know it’s murder when I’m comin’ through
B***h, I always win, I never lose, we gon’ f**k over you
You become a victim of the chopper, put ’em on the news