Fresh out da dentist – Lpb Poody lyrics

Lyrics Fresh out da dentist – Lpb Poody

I say, look, I got this tool in the booth
Look, you run up on me, I’m gon’ shoot, uh
LightPole Baby, you know I got that tool.
(Lpb Poody – Fresh out da dentist)

My n***a say he all in, he want them chips, ain’t no casino
Lil Poody, I be chasin’ after cheese, f**k a Cheeto
Lacoste on my fitted, face gator, call me Tebow
No Bob the Builder but them crackers tryna build a RICO
Quinn always kept it real with me, he a C-note
Forever got my back, and I feel like Stitch and he be Lilo
He fell inside that water, in to deep, now he a Nemo
My shooter he be rollin’ with them tools, Home Depot
Don’t say a thing or make the wrong move and you’ll get touched
Feelin’ lucky like you want to try me then try your luck
Niggas lookin’ down on me but they really know what’s up
No bandits but we walkin’ ’round with knives and you’ll get cut, uh
Cane hate on Abel so nobody I would trust
You know I’m speakin’ facts, you other niggas fairy dust
I’ma always get a bag long as I’m breathin’, that’s a must
I’m tryna blow just like a bubble, ready to bust
No crayon but my b***h she yellow, just like a bus
No iron sight of you and me, but it’s just us
We rats so we go after cheese, no Pizza Hut
F**k a zoo, we thinkin’ like an elephant, just crack your nut
Round of applause what this forty like to do, ayy
Curry in the Glock, that fifteen top Uncle Drew
You better lace it up ’cause we’ll take you out your shoes
We do it just like Nike, better yet Mountain Dew
Extendo in this clip, I don’t fuckin’ need a clue
If I up it, best believe I’ma hit you, you, and you, uh
Shawty say she like me, she just might be my boo, uh
Sorry b***h, I lied, you know I can’t cuff the poo, uhhh.

Ayy, yeah, I can’t cuff the poo, no
I can’t cuff the poo, say I can’t cuff the poo, look
Come on man, LightPole Baby got the juice, look
Lil Quinn with me and my n***a got the juice, look
Uh, yeah, uh
The beat steady fuckin’ goin’, what the f**k?
Why that b***h still playin’?
Nah, I’m playin’ though, but look
I’m out of hereee.
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Fresh out da dentist - Lpb Poody
Fresh out da dentist - Lpb Poody