Friends – Francis and the lights lyrics

Lyrics Francis and the lights – Friends

Could be lookin’ at you.
(From a freeway trailer).
If you’d handled what I’d taken.
Separate loans, separate codes.
No fine line, don’t have to be dead right.
Cause dead right can go wrong.(friends)

We could be frieeends.
We could be frieeends.
Put your head on my shoulders.

I’m Francis.
Still dreamin’ of a glory.
Of somethin’ new.
I can’t remember what is mine.
To never wanna let go.
It’s all good though.

We could be friends.
We could be frieeends.
Just put your head on my shoulders.
And I will still cry for you.
Don’t wanna know if you made mistakes.
I’m still waiting on your sunshine.

Well I..
I guess you gotta chase that ghost.
Heard you bought some land in Mexico.
And I said, “Way to go, man”.
Cause wherever you may roam.
Remember who you know.
There’s a station playin’ rock and roll.
So stay tuned in.
Stay tuned in.

I will turn around for you.
And I will call you friend.
Just put your hand on my shoulder.
We could be friends, for you.
We could be frieeends, for you.

Still waiting on your sunshine.
What I tell youuu.
Francis and the lights
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