Front door back door – Soulja Boy lyrics

Lyrics Front door back door – Soulja Boy

Front door back door lyrics
Young Draco n***a, you know I’m real n***a
I slide in that Bentley, they think I’m drug dealer
Jump out the top and my young n***a flip the switch
Quarter million in one day just to be specific
F**k with Draco n***a I empty the clip
Had to go run it up, trappin’ through the 6
Hop out the Rari, I look like the man
Round 250,000 on my Instagram
Look at it b***h, she staring, she my biggest fan
Whippin’ my wrist in the pot like a ceiling fan
Who is him? I ain’t ever heard of him
Make the wrong move then you know Draco’s shoota gon murder him
Hop in the Lamborghini then I swerve on ’em
Junkie hit my front door, know what I’m servin’ him
Front door back door, with the draco
Front door back door, front door back door
Trappin’ a n***a runnin’ up them pesos
Call up my plug he gon pull up with a whole case load
Stackin’ up M&M’s just like they Lego’s
Call up my shooters, they shoot when I say so
F**k with Lil Soulja, I’m sprayin’ with the draco

Servin’ the junkies, run up a bankroll
Ballin’ on niggas, I sprained my ankle
Ran up them M’s, n***a I got pesos
F**k with the gang and we shootin’ s**t up
F**k on yo b***h, you know what’s up
I do a show, I’m on a tour bus
I’m in LA, now I’m up in New York
Fifty thousand in one day, that’s just Soulja
Young n***a puttin’ them bricks in a Rover
VVS diamonds, they come out the water
Young Draco n***a, I’m fuckin’ yo daughter
Young Draco n***a, Ferrari the sport
Young Draco n***a trappin f**k n***a, come place yo order
Titanic my chain, put it in the water
VVS Audemars look like some coke
Young Draco pull up shootin’ s**t at that Madi Gras
I take a brick, ship it to Panama
100 bricks, put it in my momma house
Whip out that draco like what they talkin’ bouttt?
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Front door back door - Soulja Boy
Front door back door - Soulja Boy