Gift of destiny – Sickick lyrics

Lyrics Gift of destiny – Sickick

I’m the greatest in the room
Ain’t no fuckin with me
I’m the realest, I’m the truth.
(Sickick – Gift of destiny)

I’ve been patient for awhile
I’ve been planning out the moves
If I keep killing these records
You gon’ see me in the news.

I’m a (G.O.D)

We be rollin’ in 3s
We bring you that sickness
It gon’ bring you to your knees.

Even, even though my nightmares
Turned into my dreams
And whatever you find difficult.
I do it in a breeze.

I’m a G.O.D (x8)
You, you just lost.

I’m a G.O.D (X8)
You, you just losttt.
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Gift of destiny - Sickick
Gift of destiny - Sickick