Glock – Lil Alby lyrics

Lyrics Glock – Lil Alby

Glock lyrics
Im rahul i got my Glock
Im with the gang im with my flock
I hop out the whip i leave my block
I check up on you, call me doc
I dodged gilberto he a trap
I got like 20 girls up on snap
Kody tried kiss me he finna get the slap

Aye aye
Albert on this
Albert this albert on that
She hit me on snap
Im so tired i might take a nap
Hulk with the clap
Run up on me, you get hit with the strap
Im first class
She playin me like smash or pass
Im running like dash
Sike he slow, im switching to flash
Its lil albyl, im getting money im getting the cash

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