Gotta go – Zack Knight lyrics

Lyrics Gotta go – Zack Knight

Gotta go lyrics
have u been playing me for long?
with all these pictures all in ur phone
like i would never ever know?

cause u been running ur mouth all morning
like I’m the, only one you love stop lying
i know, you been on ur phone all night, all night

so dont you ever ever say ur sorry
when you know that you had me fooled stop crying
its all words you can’t change my mind

and now your running all over the floor
how could you do this to me on my birthday
while u up in the club balamore

so take ur s**t girl and get out my door
i hope you find what it is u been searching
cause you
gotta go

Tenu mein yaad rakhanga
Bhul jaa menu
Todd Ta dil tu mera, sohniye Q

Ni Tu Nawe Nawe Yaar Banale
Todde Kasma Te Vadde Tu
Sanu Chadna See Jai Azma Ke
Dil Sadde Naal Laya Q

je tu kardi wafa
ena milde saza
menu lande see tu lare
ni tu akna milawe
ne bahane ka tu lawe
chutey see tere kare
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Gotta go - Zack Knight
Gotta go - Zack Knight