Great vine – Glokknine lyrics

Lyrics Great vine – Glokknine

I thought I knew you
Hold on wait, b***h who you?
Bob the Builder crew, b***h we keep tools
Loose screw, chef s**t, with that pistol
Tell lil horse to bring his shoe ’cause this s**t too
Glocks boo, uh-uh, not no deuce deuce
All you hear is pew pew, fire fire
Big sticks for that rah rah
Forty-seven, it won’t lock lock
Took his sap, come here, tah-tah
I think the baby need his bah-bah
Bastard child, ayy ayy, I’m like Wade Parks
Jitty boy, play a n***a knock
Count of three, we swing doors just to get the guap
We bomin’ in, .. jit ‘fore you mess it up
Tired of fuckin’ with the b***h, that ho messy, just clean her up
My stomach was on E, where you were when I was starvin’ bruh
Carvin’ all these niggas out my picture, think I’m hidin’ him
I remember shh shh, nah, can’t tell nobody, huh
I just put a bean in my boot for the party, huh
I done put some lean in my cup so I feel naughty, huh
Five condom in, he be muggin’ everybody, huh
I don’t f**k with these niggas, you can tell by how they quiet
Flier than a jet, probably thought I was the pilot
No .., let me know if you rockin’
Think he want some smoke but give his a*s some broccoli
My b***h yeah she bad with Brazilian stuffed pockets
You don’t need a side, see I’m blowin’ like a rocket
Remember I had crumbs now I got bread in my pockets, ayy, ayy
Oh I got bread in my pockets
Blue hundreds, blue racks and they can’t stop it
They mad, oh yeah they mad, now they poppin’
Ayy yeah, ayy yeah, oh you can’t stop ’em
That’s that rocket
‘Cause I’ma come back then I drop it
I’m just let the beat rockin’
I’ma come back then I drop it.
(Glokknine – Great vine)

Without my niggas, ain’t no me
Ayy, without my niggas, without my niggas ain’t no we, huh
Ayy, yeah, uh, without my niggas, ain’t a team, yeah
Without my niggas, jit it ain’t no YJB, uh
Ayy, put that s**t up on the shelf
Ayy, yeah, uh, that s**t over for you, yeah
That s**t over for you, ayy, ayy
That s**t over for them there, ayy yeah uh
Put that s**t up on the shelf, ayy yeah
‘Cause when we comin’ we gon’ rap, ayy yeah
And b***h I’m bomin’ with the sack, c’mon, ayy yeah
Ayy yeah, uh-huh, that’s me
Ayy yeah, uh-huh, ayy I’m finna ..
Ayy yeah, uh-huh, oh I’m gang, that YJB, yeah
Uh ayy, uh-huh, come on, come run up on me
Ayy ayy, ayy ayy, just look, ayy ayy
Ayy ayy, she want, ayy yeah, face
Uh ayy, jit you get FaceTimed
Ho you heard through the grapevine, it’s GlokkNineee.
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Great vine - Glokknine
Great vine - Glokknine

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