Green light – Lil Durk lyrics

Lyrics Green light – Lil Durk

Green light lyrics
Man give that boy this message (Let’s get it) can’t wait ’til foenem catch you (Yeah)
Keep callin’ me a rapper I might be the one to stretch you (Be the one to stretch you)
He claimin’ that he gang the only reason foenem loved him (Let’s get it)
I told him he a b***h he ain’t on s**t he nothin’ special (What)
I just brought four Strikers (Strikers) foenem and them desperate (Let’s go)
But I just took the keys ’cause foenem arguin’ over Teslas
Why you think that he gon’ ride for you? He gon’ do what I tell him (Gang)
I don’t stop at red lights anyway it’s green light when they catch you (Yeah yeah)
Grab that TEC nah ayy (Let’s get it) grab that MAC ayy
Talkin’ behind my back nah n***a (Let’s get it) he a rat yeah
Tweakin’ on the net yeah turn you to a pack yeah
Turn up in that cat yeah that 40 Glock my gat yeah (Brra)
Von pass that strap yeah
Take who chain? That’s cap yeah
That rap money in the trap yeah play with me get clapped yeah
P***y (B***h)

Yeah you a b***h a*s
Man you know what the f**k it is man
OTF gang 300 ..
Man get your b***h a*s outta here n***a
You know what the f**k it is with us n***a
You a ho

Yeah so you tough huh?
You ain’t get enough huh? Treat you like you Krump huh? (Dope)
Oh you think you turnt huh? Come out cuts and dump some
Like my cash in lump sums niggas don’t want these problems
She put coca on her gums switches on our guns
We can’t go for none b***h I put that on my son
Why you shoot him in his back? ‘Cause that p***y tried to run
Get your hand out your pocket ’cause I know it ain’t no gun

Are you turnt huh? Are you geeked huh? (x8)

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