Group B – Tyler The Creator lyrics

Lyrics Group B – Tyler The Creator

Group B lyrics
Ayo bucket hat like I’m Gilligan
Hit Wallace I just ordered a Cullinan
Milking the cow what are you niggas uttering?
Churning the butter sensitive niggas crying
Stepping in puddles in them new (Giannos n***a come on)
The team I’m assembling you trembling
We in a circle huddling
Fumble and we coming in tackling your empire
It’s Robert crumbling
One nom? Huh s**t is humbling
I’m a f*****g JumboTron Juggernaut you a G?
No you’re not new balloon watch it pop
Like concave on a skateboard
I don’t do surfboards I don’t ride waves
Been around forever Murray’s Pomade n***a
Been like a decade

[Verse 2]
Ayo keep it buck I switch up
You niggas don’t that’s why you stuck
I needed seven figures hit Australia pick it up
Find some young twink and get my nipples sucked
Bad yellow b***h look like pimple pus
Bad chocolate b***h look like Lionel knuckles
Yall got too much baggage and I pack light Louis truck
Luggage double C emeralds double V
Uni tee but the sweater vest is me
Lemonade elderflower with the rose
Sony re’d up I’ma split it with the bro yuh

[Verse 3]
Niggas like “act ya age T you trippin'”
Pushing 30 but the skin say different well
If I act my last deal I’m prolly 12
Niggas on n***a set a lob
Then they hurt themselves niggas Cheddar Bob
Foot is on the gas I ain’t letting off
Every car is gas pissing Greta off
And they Group B and the leather soft
And I knew the cow and he better off dead

One take
It’s like 7 AMMM

Group B - Tyler The Creator
Group B - Tyler The Creator lyrics