Guten tag – Hardy Caprio lyrics

Lyrics Guten tag – Hardy Caprio

Guten tag lyrics
[Intro: Hardy Caprio]
Get money and money, we multitask
Back then used to drive round ends in faulty cars
Look at my face, all these scars, girls still chase, call me Hards
Don’t tark too much like Stormzy’s darg

[Verse 1: Hardy Caprio]
Life’s improving fast, look at that German, guten Tag
Hollywood, cruising past, now I’ve got bare man moving sarft
I like ruthless cars, me and my girl do rooftop bars
Cop me a house before I got jewels, uni got a man moving smart

[Verse 2: DigDat]
She wanna talk feelings, meet and greeting, me, I just smashed then leaving
They talk ’bout beefing, diss, diss, sneaking, niggas get splashed for speaking
White like Peter, brown like Cleveland, trap fit, I doubt out all evening
My white ting looking Madonna, I hate it when she leaves makeup on my collar

[Verse 3: Hardy Caprio]
Me and Dave got matching Mercs, me and Ace got matching h**s
It’s there when the mandem trap, Gucci pouches, matching phones
Tings on the go, hotel, doing up snaps, matching robes
Look at these losers, mans exclusive, me and Neymar got matching clothes

[Verse 4: DigDat]
It’s like everyting I dig they think they’re wifey
And she thinks she’s my main but that’s my side piece
Still break down Lizz on my scale, do it gentle, nicely
Jump out on sidestreets, see them man, I let mine squeeze

[Verse 5: Hardy Caprio]
Pure cats, no receipts, all black, so discrete
Let a man get p***y in private, let a man get dough in peace
Right now overseas, changed up, noticeably
Got a WAG telling me “come over”, dash my balls in her ovaries
Life’s improving fast, look at that German, guten Tag (Wait)
Life’s improving fast, foreign body, excusez moi
Tracksuit when I’m in ends, AMG, mover class
24k, watch that wrist, Hollywood H, Bruno Mars

[Verse 6: DigDat]
Might pull up on your b***h, I’m vain, excuse me miss, can I get a name?
My team, they’re ready for stains, mind he don’t grips your neck and chain
Came from dishing out pebs in a Range, do it on the ends or send it on a train
Man do it so styley, white like Miley, all of them cats dem like me

[Verse 7: Hardy Caprio]
Uhh, manna old school indeed
Roll in twos or threes, bro them yutes are neeks
Manna so rude indeed, babe, it’s not you, it’s me
These girls got A-S-S but love A-S-S-U-M-E
Niggas always gon’ ask for s**t, bitches always gon’ ask for d**k
D**k long, I’m a narcissist, I can’t even put half my tip
Niggas hate, nothing new, middle finger, my parting gift
Balmain, that’s a starter kick but I need a Louis Vuitton partnership

[Outro: DigDat & Hardy Caprio]
Life’s improving fast, 4x4s, still cruising past
G check, see who’s in cars, now I got bare man moving sarft
Life’s improving fast, look at that German, guten Tag
24k, watch that wrist, Hollywood H, Bruno Mars