Gutta takeoff – Dj Shab feat. Glokknine lyrics

Lyrics Glokknine – Gutta takeoff – Dj Shab

Creepin’ while you sleepin’, boy you all about a sack
The grinch all through the weekend you can call us men in black
Geek up for no reason, I just hit, you know I splat
Pass her to my n***a, she toot a*s and throw it back
Nine the Randy Moss, he caught the pass, he caught the pass
Wrap a n***a up, toetag him, body bag him
Remember we was down and now we up so niggas mad
They tryna set a bounty on my motherfuckin’ head
I’ma be the first to tell you niggas I ain’t scared
Way before my time, check the clock, lil bro you dead
These jits goin’ AWOL for golds in their lil spread
While Lil Nine, I’m chasin’ checks, watch ’em crash, we watch them wreck
Time to run down on your set, Pacific Ocean, s**t got wet
All in her lil chest, dead flies, put them to rest
Nothin’ like these other niggas, I’m a thoroughbred
Heard they left him on the set, they left my n***a there for dead
Yeah I’m smokin’ loud so I can’t hear nothin’ that you sayin’
I’m on Lud Foe s**t, I feel like the man
She say I’m eighteen now so I can be her man
Told her daughter f**k your daddy, baby I’m your kin, ooh
Free my n***a Ken, they got him locked down in the pen
Call lil bro the top ’cause all the gang know is spin
I’ve been earned my stripes and I’ve been hittin’ since a jit
Lately I ain’t been the same, boy I been takin’ risks
Brought the hood to another city, Mercy in this b***h
Think they hatin’ ’cause they b***h know me, wanna have my kids
When it’s probably ’cause she know every song, the adlibs
Baby I ain’t flexin’, this s**t really how I live
Them Mercy boys, they reckless, them jits they got the whip
Pull out and jump out like some roaches tryna swim
All you heard was shots, and it skrrt
Baby it’s a f**k thing, I just want what’s in your skirt
Lil Turay say I got ’em fucked up, he gon’ put in work
I know Lil MeMe go psycho, I know he go berserk
Push to start the whip and when it crank this b***h gon’ jerk
P***y I can’t count them when I catch up, shirt
Now your mama got them tears in her eyes, her baby
Damn I earned respect, and spent five, no three-eighties
GlokkNine and we strapped up like the Navy
Yeah, ayy, ayy, what you want, he tryna play me.
(Dj Shab – Gutta takeoff)

Ayy, uh yeah he tried to play you
B***h, um um, my n***a don’t tote two twos
B***h, ayy ayy, blaow, uh yeah, shoottt.
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Gutta takeoff - Dj Shab
Gutta takeoff - Dj Shab