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Lyrics Ybn Walker – Gutta – Ybn Walker

I come from the gutta, I come from the mud
Known to finesse a n***a out his drugs
Don’t talk to these niggas, I talk to the plug
Pull up wit 50s, I send niggas slugs.

She drenched in designer, my b*tch wit Uggs
VVS diamonds, them diamonds, they flood (psh psh)
He wet like a tub
Skrrt off, Camaro, ain’t no catching up
Known for the flexin, I’m known for the weapon
Can’t f*ck wit these niggas, these niggas be peasants
Skrrt off in Porches as in 9/11
I’m sippin on lean and that s**t be my beverage
Don’t play wit the gang, that s**t can get hectic
Drink the designer while servin pedestrians
All of my niggas is strapped wit them westans
Can tell mama I gotta go get it
Then I told daddy to drop me out 50
Know you lil niggas don’t want see me wit it
I come from the gutta, I swear I’m committed
Run up them checks and run up them digits
Pull up right on ya, get smoked like a fib
My fingers keep clutching, my fingers keep itching
Lil n***a keep talkin, I swear he gon get it
I was on lock, niggas ain’t send me nothing
When you come home niggas act like they love you
You keep callin my phone, lil n***a I’m hustlin
Don’t play with me, play with that b*tch like I’m f*ckin
Quit callin my phone, lil n***a I’m hustlin (Hello, who dat?)
Quit callin my phone, lil n***a I’m hustlin (Hello?)
I gotta go get it
Go get me a sack, don’t f*ck with these h**s
These b*tches be next
Smokin on gas like I got cateracts
Balmains and my s**t got some racks.

Stuck in the pot like I’m Kobe and Shaq
Christain, Louis, moonwalk to the racks
Pull up with shooters, they shoot throught your hat
Walk in my trap, Givenchy on my mat
YBN, where they go? Look at the stat
30 shots, hit him all in his back
Guapo, guapo, that’s a big ol’ fact
40 Glock a n***a mouth like clap
Givenchy sneakers for these shoes, pay the rack
Captain of this s**t, I’m the quarterback
Run with that sack and I run like a runningback
Run with yo money and no, ain’t no gettin it back
Pull up with shooters and niggas gon’ off dattt.
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Gutta - Ybn Walker
Gutta - Ybn Walker

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