Handle the wave – Kerina Alex lyrics

Lyrics Handle the wave – Kerina Alex

Handle the wave lyrics
Is your mic working just fine
Can I play with your mind
You the little engine that could
So can you handle my ride
Feel that bass all in my spine
Water flowing so slide
Current high so glide your ship
Let’s have fun so dive right in
You a bad boy (you a bad boy)
From around the way (From around the way)
I’m a boss chick (I’m a boss chick)
Holding down the bay (Holding down the bay)
You like shorty can I have yuh name
Boy i see tha way you look at me
Is like oh baby with the thick hips
Slim waistline and the tender lips
Gotta ask if you think you can handle this
Cause I’ll steal your mind and your soul with it

My waters
Deeper than the ocean
Lost your mind
In this new motion
Said that you can handle the pace
Can you handle the waveee

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