Hang out – Playboi Carti lyrics

Lyrics Hang out – Playboi Carti

Hang out lyrics
Said she need a ride back, ugh
My Mazi Spazz, ain’t it
Play with the cash, hol’ up
Young n***a got cash, ain’t it
Big slatt, Vetement, yeah
Walk ‘round wit the bag, ain’t it
Carti got a b***h all in
All of my slimes we lit

Whole lotta bag, holds 50
Whole lotta, lets get it
Im the the bih, with a blicky
Imma let the motherfucka hang out
You Lotta cap, can’t hang out
Yeah, we ride down when we hang out

Stupid little b***h got bite down
Got my dog with me, I ain’t big now
Turn the b***h down, you ain’t lucky
Handle my dog you ain’t lucky
Diamonds on me like typhoon
Shoot by myself I ain’t got goons
Smoke big gas, smell like perfume
I got a hoe in Cleveland
I f**k with her & she bleeding
Shawty a demon
Carti a demon, carti a demon
Still in Celine ( R.I.P my niggas )
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Playboi Carti lyrics

Hang out - Playboi Carti
Hang out - Playboi Carti