HBIC – Philthy Rich lyrics

Lyrics HBIC – Philthy Rich

HBIC lyrics
Man on bail for a half a mil’ (He is)
I would’ve signed my life away for a half a mil’ (I would’ve, n***a)
My street team don’t pass out no flyers (Uh-uh)
Knock him down at his solo, casing on his flyer (Ayy, do that)
Fifty-nine nights, I was servin’ white (Thirty-six)
Took his PC ’cause he ain’t serve ’em right (I had to)
She could never be my b***h until the wire’s sent (Never)
CF card, the business license a requirement (It’s Philthy)
Gotta bust your moves in your shotta shoes (Gotta)
If you hangin’ with that n***a, you gon’ die with dude (Suckers)
N***a, where I’m from, gangland spunky (Seminary)

He ain’t a factor from my hood, that n***a just a junkie (Broke n***a)
A fiend for designer, Gucci top client (Sem City Money Man)
Feds did a sweep, you niggas all compliant (P***y)
Volunteer rattin’, I don’t know what happened (Uh-uh)
The only thing that I’ma tell ’em if they ever snatch me (It’s Philthy)
G-Star jeans with the Raf Simons versuri-lyrics.info
The round table with my n***a, count a half a million (Chump change)
B***h say she Filipino from the waist down (B***h)
Head b***h in charge, that mean she hold it down, it’s Philthy

It was back to back moddas in abandoned building (Yeah)
Ghetto children, never thought a n***a’d see a million (Whoa)
First time I’m .. skip, it was the illest feeling
Straight drop, we ain’t rockin’ with no penicillin
Free the drillers for they children, n***a, kids need ’em
Stick illegal, took a trip but niggas flipped the Regal
I tried to feed him, when I fed him though, he bit a finger
His and hers matchin’ Rollies for my señorita
Ain’t no secrets, he ain’t eatin’ on this side of town
Don’t make me water all these P’s if you ain’t slidin’ down
Suckers asked to go to war but niggas hide now

Support the law, n***a hustle, blood buy him out
Stitched lipper, you gon’ end up with a wired mouth
Million grass interception, gotta fly ’em South
Gang related, get a drop and come and hunt you down
We gang related, get a drop and come and hunt you down
It’s politics so I’ll never put that thumper down
High as s**t, b***h, you know I hate comin’ down
Run it up and put your niggas on, bust it down
Take the Rollie to the jeweler, let him bust it down
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HBIC - Philthy Rich
HBIC - Philthy Rich