High vibes – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics High vibes – NLE Choppa

High vibes lyrics
A n***a really just been tryna stay lowkey
But the opps keep fuckin’ with me (They keep on fuckin’)
And if it’s beef Imma keep it in the mothafuckin’ streets
Broad day when we meet Imma let out my heat
I’m too street for this industry I got thug tendencies
Niggas wanna finish me but they ain’t gonna finish me
Caught the n***a slippin’ got to clippin’ with this lemon squeeze (Imma leave you dead)
.223’s AR-15’s it got the ..
I’m too drugged b***h I’m crazy cause it got a n***a seeing things
Ran off with this choppa cause I hit with a fifty piece
F**k them crackers cause them p***y niggas wanna sentence me
I thought I killed him twice I had a murder epiphany
I be killin’ I be drillin’ like I’m in the dentistry
Got my b***h to set ’em up while he was at the ..
If you owe me b***h you better pay me or it’s up with me
I ain’t squashin’ s**t if it’s up b***h it’s stuck with me
B***h you know what happen caught him lackin’ out in traffic
Handguns and automatics .. then I got to clappin’
Twenty one shots up in this .. say that I’m a savage
Roll down the window like “what’s crackin’ ” and then ..
Niggas ain’t fuckin’ with meee

High vibes

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