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There’s not so much… not a lot at all
Only the sky all about him and hard ground
Maybe blocks with more holes cut through them
Still rails Yeah Still rails on which to lay his bones lay his body
But not so much not a lot at all
The .. of his feet. Still emptiness cold bloom
.. Silent discord
Empty .. soft .. all around him calling him
Silence on and on calling him gentle as the breeze
The slow vacuum
And he dreamt of his body falling dreamt of the sensation
.. beneath his breath beneath the sun and all that sky… all that emptiness
Between his heartbeats… feeling not so much not a lot at all
Just the .. the hard ground the truth of the cold the true knowledge of .. waiting for
Heaven to know him. Waiting to be known
Dancing softly on pointed toes rocking back with… waiting
Making arcs and slow circles wodering which way or which place might be homeee

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