Horizon – Hollyn lyrics

Lyrics Horizon – Hollyn

Horizon lyrics
My mind is a bittersweet place
Always leaves a bittersweet taste
When I go there, I don’t want to stay.
Let’s visit on another day.

But human is a tough disease
Yeah it’s slowly killing me
But there’s another side existing still,

I just wanna know you better than I did before
And I don’t wanna stand here knowing that there’s something more

On the horizon
I keep pressing til I find you
Yeah I know that you’re out there
I hear you loudest in the silence
Lord, where are you?
You’re takin me to only God knows where
But I know that I’ll find you
On the horizon

Your beauty is a sweet dream but it’s only killing me

Daddy always told me, “You’re going places.”
But it’s hard when you don’t know what place is your home anymore
Momma told me, “Life is always changing, and the only way you’re gonna make it, just keep your eyes on the shore.”
On the shore

And the sun rise
The sun rises in the morning
And my souls eyes
Yeah my souls eyes finally see
Your beauty in everything
You’re close than I could dream
You’re standing right in front of me

What do you see on the horizon?
Where are your dreams?
On the horizon
Oh yeah you’re shining so bright
On the horizon, take me deeper than I’ve been.
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Horizon - Hollyn
Horizon - Hollyn