Horrid – Lady Leshurr lyrics

Lyrics Horrid – Lady Leshurr

Horrid lyrics
It’s the return of the mac
0121 Birmz on my back
If a gyal gets verbal I’ll murk and attack
Guarantee no more words for the gyal
I go in then out like I burgled a flat
Slow like a turtle and that
Come on versuri-lyrics.info
Beats jumpy run up and I’ll hurdle a track
Box the beat ’till it’s purple and black
Like badum badum dumdum
Beat gets badum badum dumdum
We don’t speak
So when they see me
Their heart goes badum badum dumdum
Ride the riddem da dum dumdum
These gyal ah pigeon
Send shots like pewpewpewpewpewpew
And you’re da da da done
You’re done out here love

Pants on fire
Act up man’ll get spun like dryer
Gyal ah get flung out of their attire
Stay in drive I’m a rider
Fry her, you will get served no diner
My bars are worth more than designer
Notes in the bank and they sing like a choir
I got paper no essay
My flows are always hot like LA
Bruck down any puta and esse
I’ll come through like Renee
It’ll be stress, too much headache
Taking off wigs, it’ll get messy
Coming to cribs
Knocking down tellys
Gyal a get spun like ballet
I’ll be like VANESSA!!

I’m Renee with the bars
Running this ting relay with the bars
Heads snap back like I’m breaking a car
When I pull up like a DJ in darnce
I ain’t the same man it’s hard
Still got a pain in my heart
Let it stay in the dark
I helped the kid and I left the door open you could say I was raised in a barn
Bare bars for them like I’ve been to jail
You ain’t a rap star you’re a Singer gyal
So just keep ya cool I won’t ring ya back
No cap
I go black
I’m big & bad
My flows magical that’s the Tinkerbell
You know that close that you eedjat gyal
I’m Petty Labelle
Tongues sharp like a machete aswell
Dey get shellallallell
Dance get shellalalllel
Too sick not wellalell
Oh wellalell
Take an L Lallell
Bars affi shellallelll
Name rings like a bellalell

Oh wellalell
I’m the setbacker
Get dark, I get blacker
Gold tooth the next Shabba
Stepped out in next Creps and fresh Kappa
Can’t keep up with the flows a jetlagger
Take souls
I’ve bin madder
In passa
Get smoked but no grabba
Big back off
Breaststroke the Don Dada
Bruck down bare shows
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Horrid - Lady Leshurr
Horrid - Lady Leshurr