How we feel – Xcep lyrics

Lyrics Xcep – How we feel

Why I always gotta fight time?
Why I keep losing peace of mind?
I grind! All a n***a wanna do is shine
And keep the love first never go blind to it
All this struggle I just rhyme through it
The self-loathing I many times do it
Seeking confirmation knowing I knew it
Sick of doubting s**t knowing that I grew it
All this bad energy around keeps haunting me
I guess I gotta go too far to get this off of me
Everybody racing, what they chasing?
I could never lose myself to no fake s**t
It’s all basics you need patience
Keep your soul alive, man, embrace it.
(Xcep – How we feel)

And I’m thinking does the world really gives a f**k about how we feel?
(I don’t think so) (x2)

They just tell you get paper
Get that paper, yeah
You and your neighbor should get paper
Get that paper, yeah..

You know, you should get that paper
That’s what everybody knows mannn.
Xcep lyrics
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how we feel - xcep
how we feel - xcep

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