Hyrule temple – bbnos lyrics

Lyrics Hyrule temple – bbnos

Hyrule temple lyrics
I cant handle people NAHH telling me s**t
I got here my self and I made my self rich
If I make a track you alreadyknow it’s a hit
Ima get my paper straight never been a b***h

Cant see the top of my money, it’s a tower
Rarely pop s**t but my candy always sour
She said she likes flowers well b***h I like flour
course I make bread yeh its rising every hour
baby overpowered yeah people tryna nerf my s**t
all dez sussyboys tryna lick my d**k
yeah pull up looking dapper in the cleanest fits,

baby need da money never call it quits
only pipe a girl if she really fit

running out doe – tryna find a little doe
when dis baby gets sum moe
I’MA cop my self a boat,
Yeh I Got to the top, and never had a rope
Money and I got eloped, all my data on a positive slope
Haters on like me yo Baby what the hell u doing
Why can’t I call you a joke
Sussyboy u is a roach
U fly economy, b***h Im f*****g flying coach
Move on me you wont, I don’t think I’ll boast,
U some dried up toast, lamb kebab the goat

My life is sick ya I do what I want/ so its f**k a 9-5 b***h I am my boss
I cant handle people telling me s**t, don’t give a hell about u im close to the top
Why is it once I finally gained some money everybody started to care a lot
I feel like its just ME MYSELF AND I/ in a game with some snakes im all I got, that’s all I got
I might buy my self house so I can finally – sleep – at – night
Baby no money no baby all grind he be – doing –it – right
Vision so clear I’ll feel blind think I gotta- check – my – sight
Snag your girlie from the club – HEH
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Hyrule temple - bbnos
Hyrule temple - bbnos