I feel high – G Herbo lyrics

Lyrics I feel high – G Herbo

I feel high lyrics
I couldn’t even sleep at night
Fightin’ them demons, drug my chin up
N***a I’ma be a’ight
Remember them nights I ain’t even want to voice my opinion
And I know I’m right
Remember them nights we was riding with pipes
Tryna not get caught at the light
Ready? We want it on sight
Now them nights, I had all over
You want to show us the price
Lot of s**t changed, since I got older
But you niggas been ho’s all my life
I took control for my b***h in the rover
I told her it’s nothing, that’s light
Clutchin’ it close like that b***h, in a holster
I don’t give a f**k ’bout your life
I lost a whole lot of money in life
I don’t give a f**k ’bout this ice
I lost a whole lot of lovers in life
I don’t give a f**k ’bout his fife
Can’t believe how I’m cashing out
Everyone busy when I was broke
Now I’m all they ask about
Anticipated when I got that cake, like I was gonna pass it out

Still f*****g racks up
New wheel smacked up
All tryna gas it out
See us all fucked up
Ashing out
Still on my grizzy
Working my rizzy
Smoke till I’m dizzy
Still got the glizzy
Still back and forth from LA, making history
Still got to come back, had 2 cribs in the city
Could’ve got a .50
Still holding grudges for Capo
You clipped and get killed in the pity
Smoked in a minute
Who show up in it
You probably hoping you kill me
Hope you know that you goin with me, ayy ayy
But I’m with some animals
Definitely responsible, you come near me
Still ain’t no fear in meee

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