I m sorry – Drag me Out lyrics

Lyrics I m sorry – Drag me Out

I m sorry lyrics
I see it in your eyes it’s all been gone
No matter what we’ve lost it’s running dry
You’re fading way too fast
The truth you can’t deny

You see it in my eyes, what can you say?
No matter how it ends are you okay?
I’m swimming way too deep
I guess it’s done

Oh can’t you see, can’t you see?

I didn’t lose my patience laying on your shelf
What happened to your touch?
I barely feel myself
If you still hear me, “you” is all I need
Cause I’m so lonely, I’m that falling leaf

What do you know about the way I feel?
It’s rumored to the core, I guess it’s real
Man, we’re just bulletproof, we’re made of steel

I guess when you gave up I found a way
Cause this is how it is – blood through my veins
Did you ever found a place to hide from their eyes?

When that black cloud of anxiety
Keeps you a lonely company and it drowns you in your dreams
And it tears you at your f*****g seams
Just look at me, it’s such a shame it took the end to set me free
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I m sorry - Drag me Out
I m sorry - Drag me Out