Identity theft – DTG lyrics

Lyrics Identity theft – DTG

Identity theft lyrics
Alright, yeah, I’m back
Cause people decided the act like I cannot rap
Well, I’m tired of that
And I’m ’bout to snap
Yeah, find me the gas
I’ll fire the matches
I’ll light up a track
You though I was gone
You’re honestly wrong
I am the one making all of the songs
Only problem that’s drawn, if the costume ain’t on, then I’m not what they want
But I gotta be calm and play it by year
I fucked around once and I made a career
Now everytime I see my face in the mirror
I don’t feel the same, like I’m caged out of fear
If I run, I will fail, get stuck in the jail
Been tryna break free but tuckin’ my tail
Right now, people buying my stuff out of ..
And switchin’ the product might f**k up the sales
But maybe increase them, ..
It ain’t like I’m leavin’, just changin’ the seasons
I love all my fans, they’re mainly the reason I am where I am and my gang has been eatin’
I’ll never mistreat them, that’s not how it works
We’re family now, I put all of y’all first
But I tired of watchin’ them fall for the person I’m not
So before this, I hollered at Merk and said

Man, I’m just, I-, I just need to be me again, man, I’m f-, I’m fuckin’ losin’ it.
It’s like I-, it’s like I’m stuck in this box. He told me,
“Well, if that’s how I feel well, then, just get back to my roots,
I mean what’s the worst that can happen?” I said, “You’re right. That’s exactly what I’ma do.”

Back at the beginning
I just wanna be me again, f**k all the cash and the women
The fact is ..
Had depression without happiness, I ain’t actually winnin’
It’s sad that I’m livin’ like this, but I got to be thankful because of the traction it’s givin’ me
None of this s**t would’ve happened without both the glasses and wig, I just added the imagery
And that was my vision, see
It was done from the start
Look stupid and dumb down the bars
Now run for the stars
In the end, if you want, take it off
You’re the one that’s in charge
Just give ’em a taste
There’s no minutes to waste
Throw that s**t in their face
They may think that you suck, but that isn’t the case
You’ve got talent and just have to figure a way how to use it
It’s stupid how much of a joke that the industry is
The crew that they’re promotin’ to millions of kids
A bunch of dudes that are doped of pills
What you showin’? How idiots live?
Well, f**k that, bring back the lyrics
Bring back the impact, bring back the spirit
I want that feelin’ from rap, when you hear it
That makes all your problems you have disappear and you get that rush
Like you can’t be touched
We’re tired of all the boo’s and the drugs
I get it, do you, do what you love
But think of who listens and who goes and does what you say
’cause they think it makes them look cool
Like, “F**k graduatin’! F**k stayin’ in school! I’ma sip codeine and lay by the pool!”
It’s just sad that a whole generations been fooled into-

Into thinkin’ like, if you don’t got the designer brand, then,
the-th-then you don’t fit in or something, right? Like, if you ain,
if you ain’t wasting your money on drugs and liquor then you’re not a fun person,
you don’t like to party, or somethin’. Man, f**k that, you know,
i-if someone isn’t fuckin’ with you for things like that,
for reasons like that, w-well, don’t let them f**k with you at all, aight?
Just be weird if you wanna be weird, be different if you wanna be different, man.
In the end, like, the most important thing, is just to be you.
Just be comfortable with who you are. That’s all
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Identity theft - DTG
Identity theft - DTG