Idwk new song from Blackbear & DVBBS

Idwk new song from Blackbear. Yes, Blackbear released
a new song in collab with DVBBS. So the summer is here,
the time to get in love but also the time to get dumped.
And if your heart is broken we just got the perfect song
to ease the pain in your heart. Idwk it’s the acronym for
I don’t wanna know, and it’s a super collab between Blackbear
and DVBBS, it’s the kind of song that goes right to your
heart and repeats itself in your brain.

Let’s see some statements from the artists:
“Blackbear has always been an artist we’ve wanted to work with,”
said DVBBS. “To walk away with a record like ‘IDWK’ is
something we are so proud of. We both stepped outside of
our comfort zone on this record. I think that’s why it
came out so special. The best crossover I’ve been a part
of to date” said Blackbear.

Idwk new song from Blackbear
Idwk new song from Blackbear