Imposible new song Luis Fonsi feat. Ozuna

Imposible new song Luis Fonsi. The new hit of Luis Fonsi
in collaboration with Ozuna is now available. Another
romantic latino song was released by the great Luis Fonsi
and Ozuna. Fonsi’s lyrics matched perfect with Ozuna’s
reggaeton style. Fonsi himself declared that he is a big
fan of Ozuma’s art and wrote the lyrics thinking on his

Not the last but certainly the greatest song released
by Fonsi “Despacito” brought him a continuous fame.
The music video was filmed between Miami and Los Angeles,
and directed by Carlos Perez. The primary stage is a train
station which brings a sensual atmosphere but also a
dynamic and exciting state is brought by the dancers.

Imposible new song Luis Fonsi
Imposible new song Luis Fonsi