Jamflex – Jake Hill feat. Lil Pinecone lyrics

Lyrics Lil Pinecone – Jamflex – Jake Hill

Jamflex lyrics by Jake Hill
Alright Pinecone I got a song for you to get on
It’s real ignorant, just like you like it. Doesn’t have any real meanings
Oh so now you want me get on the track after 8 months. “Oh my name Jake Hill, all my songs ’bout being sad”
Shut up dude, I thought we’d do a song together cause everybody misses you. I mean we don’t have to if you don’t want to
Hell nah! Drop dat shiet
Alright here it goes
(beat starts)
Man what the f**k kinda beat dis is?
It’s all good, just, do it

Run up on em like its 06
Kidz ranqe
I been stacking up the mils
Keep em piled in the bank
Pinecone Jake hill
Yeah we going super saiyan
Farming all the gp like
I’m venezuelan
I been stacking up the profit
Ain’t stopping no competition
F**k a city ima run up
In the wildy and get it
I keep it rolling
With the motherfucking squad
Leonidas kick em to the
Bottom of the summit
Gold wrapped around my whip
Ain’t talking cars, from the abyss
We been at the top
We ain’t ever gonna plummit
Try to catch me slipping
Then we sending you to lumbridge
God damn
Know we had to do it to em
On the side walk
Hands lock
I don’t conversate
I let the bands talk
Pinecone gang
We gon yell it til’ the end
Taking over never quit
Then we do it all again

Man you got me fu’ed up rappin’ bout video games ‘n s**t
Just trust me dude. Just do your verse
Hell naw I ain’t gonn’
Do you want money, or not?
Man, f**k!

Pinecone, ya
My gun go blat
My car go nyerm
Ion’t want you b***h she fat
In my hood I flip dem brick
F**k da’ police ain’t no snitch
Lil Pinecone I’m my own shoota
Only care ’bout the money imma rob da jewler
Ol’ stanky a*s hoe in my inbox
She got crusty toes in dem flip flops
Pinecone f**k you ba’y mamma
Your girlfriend look like a baby llama
Talk dat s**t imma run up on ’em
Bust dat clip den you a goner
I ain’t fuckin roun’ imma OG
Errbody in da hood dey know me
Pay up cuz you owe me
Trap all day it’s OT

You nerdy a*s mother fucka’ gimme my god damn money.
Next time you ask me to do a song, it better not be ’bout no stupid a*s gameee.
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Jamflex - Jake Hill
Jamflex - Jake Hill