Jarreau of rap – NAS lyrics

Lyrics Jarreau of rap – NAS

Jarreau of rap lyrics
Melody harmony melody harmony
Melody harmony melody harmony steadily
Melody harmony melody harmony
Melody harmony melody harmony steadily

[Verse 1: Nas]
Everybody’s not gon’ get you but keep going
I be cruising 40000 feet like I’m a boeing
Doubting me they said I would have no longevity
Instead I’m steadily rapping these fundamentals
I assemble these sentences
’Cause someone said that I’ve unadventurous
I’ve been uninterested
Living life is what matters
Chill I’m the humble bragger
I could son a rapper every one of you rappers
Vamonos I be running you rappers adios
I don’t see none of you rappers
All of y’all under me rappers
Y’all need the God
Need a day to relax get a massage
Al Jarreau on the track Al Jarreau of rap
Made the Mets hat
More famous than strawberry y’all know this already

[Chorus: Nas]
Here’s our symphony
A measure by measure
A pleasure of harmony melody
Here’s the memories
I used to play 40th and Vernon every yesterday

[Verse 2: Nas]
Had a lot of losses
It hurt a lot losing cash but it was worth it
I gave a lot giving back still
I can’t cheat ’cause I’m black in the mill
I’m real and made millions and they in they feelings
They can’t hide it
I don’t internalize it I ignore it
I was taught to observe it not absorb it
So I don’t absorb melody
Married to harmony one in the same

[Break: Nas]
Taking over all
My reverie stumbling fumbling fumbling
Taking over all
My reverie stumbling stumbling tumbling fumbling

[Verse 3: Nas]
Evolution of a man and his music
The ill fill of harmonic symphonic acoustic
My Wikipedia just said it I’m multimedia
When you rock O2 arena
You made it then it’s crazy
And now you got rock stadiums
I played some where you tuck away and play the cut then he front
Then the shade come
They try to say that your day is done
Melody married to harmony
One in the same

Married to harmony
One in the sameee

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