Karma – Don Q lyrics

Lyrics Karma – Don Q

Karma lyrics
Karma is a b***h and we still f**k it
I just took a pink pill and I don’t feel nothin’
I hear niggas name droppin’ but they still duckin’ better hit the chill button
Nah for real youngin’ I send hitters in the field hunt
Niggas iffy it get risky heard they tryna squeeze on me
Play that city with my blicky and about twenty-two Gs on me
Ds on me like I’m ridin’ ’round with twenty-two keys on me
Gotta watch my moves when I’m in the post like I got Kennith Faried on me
Let’s go hit a lick go right
Let’s pour some sip of right
I don’t like my s**t on ice
Tryna snipe that b***h on site
Go get a sponsor we that ones that made the fuckin’ city bonkers
N***a meet us at the top and then we’ll see who really climbin’
In the Lamb’ I race it like a Tonka
Candy paint it Willy Wonka versuri-lyrics.info
Who grew the weed? I’m tryna have a conversation with a farmer
Like who believe you lil’ dirty niggas make it any farther?
Like true indeed I do you dirty if you take it any farther n***a

[Verse 2]
Don’t jump in grown folks business how the f**k you get involved?
Life was easy with this .. before they had to ..
Cops tryna find prints tell ’em niggas kiss a frog
My Glock 9 is immature on God I feel appalled
F**k the sugar coatin’ I’m in BK fully loaded
Tryna leave this n***a twirlin’ if he pop out any moment
Yo’ boss got you shootin’ vids in the buildin’ lookin’ homeless
Shook opponent rob him when his album drop that’s good promotion
I heard a rapper hittin’ Wired he left with his eye black
And his watch snatched go to TMZ to blog that
I got Carfax we paradin’ where they march at
Go spin the block go get the watch before you try to respond back
The motherfuckin’ irony these niggas tryin’ me this ain’t a rivalry
When niggas out of line though we know it’s reactin’ violently
Stay out the way and off the phone my lawyer keep advisin’ me
Come out to play you all alone don’t hide from me lil’ n***a
For real

For real
I’m the reason that you niggas lit
I deserve a finder’s fee
Pay homage without me you’ll be minor league for realll

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