Killdrummy – Mozzy lyrics

Lyrics Killdrummy – Mozzy

Killdrummy lyrics
Ayy, Phillipe
N***a, they told me you ran and hit the gate, n***a, when they hit Dre, n***a
Blood, they told me you ran and hit the gate when they hit Dre, blood, why you ain’t gang?
Brudda brudda probably still be here, n***a
N***a, brudda brudda probably still be here, though

All you do is talk, n***a
T-in’ interviews and we ain’t fought, n***a
Always be the lightskin-dest soft niggas
Stylin’ put you on, and what you thought, that we forgot, n***a?
So you should’ve bought a chain ‘fore I viewed you as a broad
How I’m the only Sacramento n***a in One Mob?
‘Posed to be Cookie Money, you told me buddy’s a fraud
Shout out to Lil Memphis, n***a socked you in the mall
You ain’t even pitch his a*s, too busy placing a call, that’s a DP
Can’t be the traits of a n***a that’s from the Deep East
How he the overseer of Oakland and he’s a peewee?
Told me Joe Blow wasn’t Oakland, I ain’t believe him
Wanky doodle balls in your jaw, you suckin’ wee-wee
Two blankets and a towel, is JBay inside of PC?
Allah said he ain’t far from his brother, them niggas weenies
We knowin’ you was payin’ for them features on your CD
And you GF-in’ that 40-year-old ling-ling
59 mold too big for that lil’ bling bling
Pull up to your house on Kildrummy like ding ding
Playin’ with that 2Pac beat, tell me I’m lyin’
You stubby or you cased, my n***a? Make up your mind
Never trust a n***a that ain’t never did no time
That bounty, that don’t count, it ain’t nothin’ like main line
FBI requested the footage, you ain’t deny
Scared of Lil QB and he half of your size
Dre Feddi died, for certainly, you ain’t slide
B***h, you got on TV, talked about it, and cried
Dre Feddi died, for certainly, you ain’t slide
B***h, you got on TV, talked about it, and cried
Dennis the Menace broke, he couldn’t upload a dime
Give that MCM backpack up, n***a, it’s time
Shout out Lil Blood and Sleepy, them still the guys
Sold your catalogue for them pennies, I wonder why?
Baby mama ask me, “Why he call a hundred times?”
Tryna ride the wave, your streaming start to decline
N***a, I been on the road, rockin’ stadiums
You was in Modesto, barely filling up Palladium
Called me for assistance when Wanky was on your cranium
Vamp Life groupie, I know the goonies ashamed of him
Kedda with the baby arm on it, them bitches dangling
Big up to my number one fan No Dollar Damien
Category internet killers, that’s how we label ’em
Somebody die every time I diss a n***a faithfully
You can’t do a show in my bity, nor in the radius
You can’t do a show in the bity, nor in the radius
Gangland protection the only reason you hang with me
Remind me of the b***h, emotional lil’ thangiry
And you put the clear coat paint on top of your toes
Giggled when I seen it, like brodie really a ho, on fours
‘Bout time you called it quits, s**t, I suppose
You on your fifth song and I’m tired of doin’ you wrong

On my soul, n***a
You know you ain’t livin’ like that, b***h a*s n***a
On the bity
N***a talkin’ ’bout, “Nah, they tried to strip me, n***a, that’s how it be when you be…”
Shut your b***h a*s up, n***a
Ain’t try to strip you, b***h, they stripped you, b***h
They took your s**t, b***h
And took it to the pawn shop, ain’t that where you recovered it from, n***a?
My mama had your b***h a*s runnin’ through the gas station scared, throwin’ money in the air, n***a
Playin’ with me, n***a
Now big, when they deformed the foreign, ain’t nobody die, b***h
Punch your b***h a*s in the mall, ain’t nobody die, b***h, yeah
Turned your b***h purse inside out in mutually, b***h, ain’t nobody, b***h
Yeah, when Dre Feddi died, b***h, ain’t nobody die, b***h
Shut your b***h a*s up, b***h
All this Funk or Die, b***h, but ain’t nobody dyin’
Man, we finna kill all that, n***a
On my mama, n***a, I bang a right, n***a
On Kildrummy, n***a, pull up in your motherfuckin’ driveway
Park this motherfucker, n***a, and ding ding

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