Knock knock – tobi lou lyrics

Lyrics Knock knock – tobi lou

Knock knock lyrics
There won’t give peace a chance, that’s just a dream that we once had
Sittin’ in the back of a parking lot, when you young you just be in your car a lot
Life is a b***h and she bark a lot but if she don’t bite then what she talk about?
I hate to put you on a awkward spot
But it’s Tobi Lou b***h case you all forgot
Okay let me illustrate, let me draw the plot
We in this thang, in the auto bot
She ride shotgun ’cause she call the shots
We gon’ hit a lick and hit all the spots
I put your hands up, give me all you got
Ready say go, now we on a clock
Okay time’s up they gon’ call the cops
How we got more buzz than a barbershop?
You got stars on your face, what’s that about?
And your shirt look like a hand me down
Uh, okay then wipe me down
Better yet he know, I bet he bite me now
Someone said I was next but I might be now
In your city gettin’ checks like it’s Nike town
I don’t flex, I don’t flex but I’m icey now
Like I just turned sweetie to wifey now, ooh

Uh, close the door, quick
And just stand there real quick

Me and my niggas so close, you would think we attached by the hip (hey, hey)
This s**t got a cool swing so you already know it’s hit (hey, that’s a hit, hey)
Ion’t really miss (hey, hmm, what?)
Everything a bop (it’s a bop)
I don’t even rap, so what is this? K-Pop b***h!
Ya, I’m already ready, my tank is unleaded, my b***h at the door (ah-ah)
It’s getting hot in here, I feel like Nelly, might take off my clothes (ah-ah)
Woah, leave me alone, can’t let you affect me no more (ah-ah)
I cannot let nobody ever take my joy (ah-ah)
So if you love me, please don’t let me hit the floor (ah-ah)
Must’ve seen a hundred bodies on the floor (ah-ah)
If it’s quiet I know there’s gon’ be a storm (ah-ah)
So we stay ready like they knocking at the door (ah-ah)

At the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the door, at the-
We stay ready like they knocking at the door

I think it’s all I wanna do right now
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Knock knock - tobi lou
Knock knock - tobi lou