KSI diss track – Jallow lyrics

Lyrics KSI diss track – Jallow

KSI diss track lyrics
You shouldn’t said that
I’m starting to like you, man
Yo, so the one and only KSI
Man I’m not here to expose your lies
Man I’m not here to beef for clout
Man I’m just here to open your eyes
Ain’t got time for a track
So you’re only holding a verse
You said my bars are wack
But these bars still gonna hurt

Wanna call my bars basic
Saltiness I can just taste it
‘Cause in your music you chat about gods
With your best friend in a room half naked
I’m on point you can’t keep up
You’re broken, not a creature
Little boy I’d rather have no sleep
Than jump around with you on a feature
Brother I ain’t got beef with you
No, I ain’t got no reason to
I’ma outrap you with the bars I got from why the public ain’t feeling you
You get sold dreams by your YouTube squad
Why do you think you’re the YouTube god?
I open my homepage, see your channel
I hear music turn YouTube off
So you wanna send me behind the cam
But I’d rather stand with a mic in my hand

Fed up of your ego and god complex
Now it’s time to enlighten a man
You can say I’m moving daft
You can say my clout won’t last
But one thing that hurt your heart
Is that I topped you in the charts
Are you feeling under the weather?
I know you got spun by Quadeca
That’s Crypt even your brother
Yet you somehow think you’re better
I’m not a stupid lad
You got more views, you got more cash
You got more subs, you got more fans
But just accept your music’s trash, man!
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`KSI diss track - Jallow
KSI diss track - Jallow