Letter to Nipsey – Merkules lyrics

Lyrics Letter to Nipsey – Merkules

Letter to Nipsey lyrics
What I can say man it’s a letter to Nip
You were legend and your legacy will never forget
While a real one signed I ain’t fed up with this
Just frustrated man it’s too much s**t to get of my chest like damn
What a streets gotta over power talent
.. s**t should always have end up violent
I just found out that you die like 20 minutes ago
That even know I didn’t know you that s**t .. my soul
33 years old that had a couple kids of his own
He’s had a Grammy Nominations through this s**t is too cold
Instead of pullin’ all off triggers taking a different approach
And to top it off it just got shot right in front of his store, like damn
The other night I watched this interview, you did
Were you talked about buying property
To give back to the kids and now you never have a chance to
This just how it in so I’m praying for your children so don’t get to all of this
Catch me riding thru my city doing Victory Laps
Bumpin Nipsey, smokin’ sticky with a fist full of death
My homie used to produce for you way back in a day
He did that keys to the city be that s**t have me amazed
You were respected in the streets and you could it wasn’t cap never saying goodbye to you
This piece of s**t is whack I had so many questions for you
I ain’t even get to ask
Cause thes’s the once’s who are winning becoming target
And that’s the once who evolve victims that’s wants start s**t
It’s the price you’re paying for being an artist
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Letter to Nipsey - Merkules
Letter to Nipsey - Merkules