Lizzie McGuire – Arseny lyrics

Lyrics Lizzie McGuire – Arseny

Lizzie McGuire lyrics
Ima libra man
She like zebra man
Bad comparisan
Can’t eat dairy man
Her Milky Way
That dairy plan
She can smoke me any day
That dairy plant

Lizzy McGuire b***h (x8)

I don’t need no bars
I’m ignorant
Why you dissin me?
Your girlfriend
This song does not make sense, it makes dollars
B***h I’m rick Ross, Voss water.
I just made that b***h, she B***h made
She got maid outfit, she fit maid
I misprenounce words like “Lemnade”
N***a get the stretcher that whip crame

She gone gimme top
She gone gimme mop
She got dreads like mop
Washed up dity bop

Fuckin on B***h and I flop
Fuckin on B***h and I drop
That’s when I heard a knock
Shot his a*s like Tupac
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Lizzie McGuire - Arseny
Lizzie McGuire - Arseny