Look what I ve become – Mike Posner lyrics

Lyrics Look what I ve become – Mike Posner

Loook what I ve become lyrics
Walked across Ohio
Took me 50 days
I talked to the stars
They were happy that I came
Some days I’m a genius
Others I’m insane
There is something gorgeous
Underneath the pain
I can feel it lifting
I’m feeling good
I’m thinking ’bout David
from my old neighborhood
A warm and perfect white light
in each of my cells
I used to be a pop singer
now I am myself

Take a little time right now just to count
my blessings count my blessings (x2)

Okay even when I’m falling
there’s something underneath
Something that is perfect
it’s almost like a dream
I know Vincent Van Gogh
I know Princess Di
And David Foster Wallace
he calls me all the time
If I think ’bout paradise
I’d imagine this
No drugs or no alcohol cuz
I’m high as it is
And I don’t want your money
I am simply done
I just walked away
Loook what I’ve become

Loook what I’ve become (x3)
Loook what I’ve become

Rollin’ through South Central better watch your a*s
Bars all on my windows
Pistol on my bed stand
To live and die in LA
Couldn’t make it off of minimum wage
I had to get the big body Mercedes
Cop a Rollie plus one for my lady my lady
I always knew I’d be a legend saw it in my dreams
I had to keep one eye open I could barely sleep
I had to kill them with success like they’re the enemy
Murder murder murder Lord mercy me
I stopped smokin’ last year f**k that started back again
God don’t make no accidents
Loook what I’ve become yeah
Loook what I’ve becomeee

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