Loony bin – Merkules feat. DTG lyrics

Lyrics Loony bin – Merkules

Loony bin lyrics
Let’s go baby,
Let’s still tryna act like it’s not our year right

Looking from the outside, hate to be mean
An ugly skinny motherfucker at his adhd
How I make him agree that I’m the greatest MC
Put a pistol inside the mouth and tell him play a cd
Girls don’t really like me, I’m too much of an asshole
That’s ok with me, cause there’s too much a hassle
My s**t’s harder than juggin a f*****g jug of tabasco
Dump gasoline on yourself and touching a candle
I love when my girlfriend let’s me hit from the behind
I close my eyes and picture a different chick every time
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Loony bin - Merkules
Loony bin - Merkules