Lost and found – Versatile lyrics

Lyrics Lost and found – Versatile

Lost and found lyrics
I was gonna sexy dance tonight, but I said “f**k it”.
Hunt and kill the enemy until they kick the bucket.
.. I’m not a kid, I’m not a dope

Anyone can test me, hit the chest I’ll have ye jumpin’ like a rope.
Outburst then bars can’t be fucked with us, we’ll leaveya holy like the Pope.
When the squad comes round, leave ya town, I know you’ll be dippin’ like a slope.
“Clickady, clickady, Clack-Clack” X2, BANG! (X2)

Lost and Found (X4)

I was gonna sexy dance tonight but then I bitched it.
Huntin’ for the enemy, make someone’s kid go missin’.
Posters up around the city, missin where’s his picture?
Lost n’ found without a trace .. (X2)

2-tone in the pocket, pal my strap is like a rocket when it bangs.
Show me some respect ..
Any signs of weakness, come get whooped like some fajitas in a pan.
Roll up to your pregnant wife and take the fetus, pull it out the wam.
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Lost and found - Versatile
Lost and found - Versatile